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21 December, 2010

As Your Mind, So the World....

Most of those things what we otherwise consider as a problem has nothing to do with the external world but everything to do within one’s own Self. In other terms, the real problem is our approach to the problems with an attitude! - The problem is not out there, with the world, but the way it is projected in our mind and being reflected in our thoughts. When we look at things with the right attitude, we are automatically guided to the right approach, resulting a ‘Just solution’ to all our problems. In short, by focusing on the inner Self and trying to rectify it Within, we are able to project a perfect World for us to live.

In the Hindu Epics Mahabharatha, there is an interesting parable - Lord Krishna requested Duryodhana to find the most righteous person and bring him to the Lord. While Duryodhana sets out on his mission Krishna called Yudishtra and told him to find the most wicked person in the world and bring him. Yudhishtra also set on his mission to find a wicked person.

At the end of the stipulated time, Dhuryodhanan came back stating: “Oh, Lord, I am so sorry, I could not find even one righteous person in this world.”

After some time Yudhishthira came and said: “Oh Lord, I am so sorry, I could not find one wicked person in this entire world.”

Yudhishtiran being Dharmarajan (King of virtue) could not find even one wicked person, and Duryodhanan being a wicked one could not find a righteous person!

The parable tries to convey the message: “as your mind, so the world.” Dhuryodhanan could only see wickedness in everyone while Yudhishitran could only see nobility everywhere, yet both searched in the same world.

Therefore, what needs transformation is, your mind and intellect….. There is nothing wrong with the outer world, let the world remain as it is, and you bring the light of knowledge within, to steer your way though the challenges of life.

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