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19 July, 2011

Two Monks.....

Two Buddhist monks, one senior and the other junior, were on their way to their monastery, which was a good distance away. On the way they met a young woman who was lame. Some unfortunate event had left her on the road abandoned and alone. She had to reach her house, which was, co-incidentally, on the same road the monks were traveling.

The younger monk offered to carry her on his shoulders. The senior monk looked askance at the idea for, as you know, Buddhist monks are not supposed to touch any woman, far less see them. But the younger monk went ahead nevertheless, hoisted the young woman on his shoulders and took off.

After dropping the woman at her house, the two monks carried on their way.

On reaching the monastery, the senior monk searched out the Abbot to lodge a complaint against the younger monk.

The Abbot questioned the senior, “Did he cause her any harm or discomfort?”


“Did he inconvenience her in any way?”


“Did he put her down where she wanted?”


“Then why are you still carrying her?”

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