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22 November, 2012

Think Big.........

A rich man saw a poor boy admiring his expensive car. Out of generosity, he offered the poor boy a small ride in it around the countryside. The poor boy was extremely elated.

While enroute, this conversation took place between that rich man and the poor boy.

Boy: "This is an extremely beautiful and costly car. How much did it cost you?"

Man: "I do not know."

Boy: "Why?"

Man: "My brother has gifted it to me".

The boy then became silent. So, after some gap of time, the man resumed the conversation.

Man: "I know what you are thinking."

Boy: "What?"

Man: "That you should have a brother like that".

Boy: "No, you are wrong."

Man: "So, what are you thinking then?"

Boy: "I am thinking, that I should be like that brother". 

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