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27 January, 2013

The 'Foreign' Tongue

Can't help it..........the language is alien!!!

 A crab cooks too?

 You'll definite find the cure here

 Need to visit Australia now, I hope it wags the tail too

 Friends......keep distance

 And served!!!

 Useful backside

 Assiduous stuffed ass

 Yuck.....either way

 Then, what about mine? Bowel.

 Still thinking, what it can be

 Obedience personified

 Breads or space....choose

 Is this the toilet we talked about earlier? Obstacle Course?

 Knowledge enhanced

 Just decline........
 And we write too!!!

 But, no fisting...okay!!!

 One more 'cure'

 Who deliver this herpes?

 We too love to touch

 Rubbed in

 Unlucky dogs

 This ass is different

 Or Womail?

 Dying is still permitted, though

 Poop lines :(

Poor dog

Extremely helpful guards......qualified doctors

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