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07 May, 2013

Most Vital Thing In Life

When you feel like saying something
That you know you will regret,
Or keenly feel an insult
Not quite easy to forget.

That's the time to curb resentment
And maintain a mental peace,
For when your mind is tranquil
All your ill-thoughts simply cease.

It is easy to be angry
When defrauded or defied,
To be peeved and disappointed
If your wishes are denied.

But to win a worthwhile battle
Over selfishness and spite,
You must learn to keep strict silence
Though you know you're in the right.

So keep your mental balance
When confronted by a foe,
Be it enemy in ambush,
Or some danger that you know.

If you are poised and tranquil
When all around is strife,
Be assured that you have mastered
The most vital thing in life.

(Courtesy : Grenville Kleiser)

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