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08 May, 2013

Seven Habits Of Happy People

I hope that when you and I are 79 we will be able to look back at our life and smile, because we have used our time on this Earth wisely. And, because we have lived a happy life. Not ambitious. Not influential. Just happy. It will be more than enough. And to summarise the habits, that made our life ‘just happy’, here we go!!!

Savor The Joy Of Simple Pleasures. Happiness does not come in shiny black cars, Rolex watches or the most exotic homes. It comes in small bursts of joy when we learn to savor the simple pleasures life offers us. You know, those times when you lifted your head to see the birds flying in the light blue sky and life felt so good?

Or when heard your favourite song on the radio and could not stop yourself from singing alone? Or when you cut yourself a slice of freshly baked apple pie and it tasked just like the one you had when you were little?

We all have these “happy” moments once in a while. But just think of how much more satisfying and happier your life would be if you took time to discover, recognize and savour the simple pleasures and blessings that surround you each day.

Have Complaint Free Days. If your attention is focused of learning, recognizing everyday blessings and finding something positive in every person that you meet, you really don’t have time to notice negativity or dwell on problems. It is actually that simple.

Do a little experiment and try to go the whole day without complaining about anything or anyone. Because if you are not going to do something about the situation, then why would you bring it up?

Expect No Gratitude Or Appreciation. I know one lady, who volunteers for a retirement home. Twice a week she takes older people in a wheel chair for an hour long walk. She once told me that she enjoys doing it so much that she almost feels guilty about it.

If there is a wise way of being egoistic – this must be it.

When you help – help because it makes YOU feel good, not because you expect to benefit from it in some way or because you hope to receive gratitude and appreciation.

Smile. I know this may sound simple, but it really works. And if you are one of those people, who always have a ready smile you will know what I am talking about. Smiling is one of the simplest gestures that create a deeper connection between people, giving them a reason to pass on the smile.

A sincere, heart-felt smile can instantly make you happier and, more importantly, it can brighten someone else’s day too.

Believe In Something Bigger Than Yourself. You may call it God, the Universe, a higher or an invisible energy that connects humanity. But every happy person that I have met in my life believed in something greater than themselves. Maybe it is because having this helps us to let go of the illusion of being in control. Maybe because it makes us realize that we might not always know what is best for us. And maybe it gives us a feeling of being connected with other human beings.

But I know that without faith my life would be a whole lot more confusing and purposeless.

Accept Imperfection. None of the happy people I know are perfect. They all seem to know that.

Some of them are very health-conscious and some do not exercise or eat healthy on the daily basis. Some of them are organized and some of them embrace the art of clutter. Some take great care in always looking elegant, while other could not care less about their clothes or hair style.

And while all happy people I know are constantly working on improving something, they accept the weaknesses of others and their own shortcomings. I believe this is one of the reasons why it is always so easy and enjoyable to be around them. You can be yourself and feel great about it.

Inspire And Empower Others. You can not inspire or motivate another person if you lack inner enthusiasm and positivity. On the other hand, as you empower and encourage others you will find yourself happier and more energetic. It is a circle – the more you give and strive to help others improve their life, the more your own life improves.

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