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06 November, 2014

The Supervisor

This is nice...Just came as a forward to me, and I liked the way the two stories are related.

A Construction Supervisor from 16th Floor of a building was calling a worker on ground floor.

Because of noise the worker did not hear his call.

To draw attention, the supervisor threw a 10 Rupee note in front of worker.

He picked up the note, put it in his pocket and continued to work.

Again to draw attention the supervisor threw 500 Rupee note and the worker did the same.

Now the supervisor picked a small stone and threw it on the worker.

The stone hit the worker. This time the worker looked up and the supervisor communicated with him.

This story is same as of our 'LIFE'...

God wants to communicate with us, but we are busy doing our worldly jobs.

Then, he give us small gifts and big gifts......We just keep them without looking from where we got it. We are the same. Just keeping the gifts without thanking Him. We just say we are LUCKY.

And when we are hit with a small stone, which we call PROBLEMS, only then we look up and communicate with him.

That’s why it is said. .....

He gives, gives and forgives…and…we get, get and forget.

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