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16 March, 2009

Funny Advertisements

I received these photos in a mail from Pratim, highlighting the glaring and 'dead'ly mistakes in spellings of English words: waise bhai woh meri maa boli thodi hai (well brother, it's not my mother tongue!!!). I really had a hearty laugh, as Amitabh said in one of his movies "English is a phunny language".

Let my vehicle remain 'dainted'
Very fishy ????
I am happy with my 'salt and pepper' look than the 'die' look

Clear fast like 'kangaroos'

Stop 'kissing the chicken(dead one)' on the dining table

Harry, I don't warry !!!!!
Yes, Nise cola is great tasting (but where are the crips?)
Do these 'chicks' lay eggs ??
25/24, lage raho mere bhai, tarakki isi mein hai !!
I am speechless.......
Adnan bhai, thodi si lift karade
Buhs !!! you are hiding behind which bush???
This is with love - for humanity
Do not try to look for a logic in this post !!!!
Charaivati, charaivati !!!!

Now, this is in connection with my post of 13 March. With little effort, I have been able to decipher the role of Slides No 1 and 3, whereas Slides No 2 and 4 are barely for misleading. The answer is then programmed in such a way that it will appear behind any door that you open first, and immediately thereafter the numbers behind the other two doors get changed (corresponding to the same colour of number chosen by us). I think I got it right...........................

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