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05 April, 2009

Career Ya Stand???

This mail was received from Pratim, and has a very subtle message. Though it has the backdrop of the Army, I think it is equally applicable to most of the organisations. However, I was initially intrigued by the obvious spelling mistake in it's title - "Career ya Stand", as it was a mix of English and Hindi which was making it difficult to comprehend.

You may have heard the story of the young officer 40 years ago when he got a cycle loan and purchased one from the unit canteen.

The cycle was a beauty (the way mobikes/cars are today) but did not have a carrier at the back. So he sent his orderly to get one fixed.

When the cycle came back with the carrier fitted the Y.O. noticed that the stand was missing. He went to the CSD authorised cycle dealer and asked him why the stand had been removed.

He was patiently told, "Sahib ji, Fauj me ek hi cheez mil sakti hai- Career ya Stand. Agar stand loge to Career khatam or agar career banana hai to stand kabhi mat lena." (Sir, in the Army you can get only one thing...either career or stand. If you take a stand for something, your career will be finished.....and in case you want a career in the Army, then never take a stand)


To compliment this, I have this mail from Railkar telling us about the strange cricket wisdom, and the summary of the observation, which I would like to alter so as to correlate it with the 'cycle' episode.

The first testicular guard was used in cricket in 1874,whereas..................
the first helmet was used in 1974.

Strange, it took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important!

My Theory - Man realised much earlier that b**** are more important than brain.

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